Year End Reflection

As I am sure everyone has noticed 2019 has been a very busy and active year for Simple Treasures.   We have done our best to but our best foot forward and stay true to our core values.

  1. A commitment to integrity, fairness and responsibility
  2. Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.

In 2019 we implemented several new ways of communication.  Not all have come easily for us and we have had some bumps along the way.  Some examples are listed below.

  1. Weekly newsletter
  2.  Instagram Stories
  3.  Facebook Stories
  4. Posted new products on twitter
  5. Text message advertising
  6. Google My Business
  7. Holiday Flash Sales
  8. Facebook Messenger New Product Alerts
  9. Billboards

We have tried to send some interesting information in our weekly emails instead of constantly pushing for sales.  Not sure if we have succeeded with this but it was never our goal to be pushy.   We have only wanted to interact with our customers.

Along with our trying to provide information in a fun and informative way we have also tried to gather input from our current customers on what they wanted to see on the website.   We have set out to accomplish this 2 different ways.

        1.  Survey Monday Email
        2.  Bradley University Case Study

The information we received back has been invaluable and we can’t express enough our thanks to those who completed the survey.   We also want to thank the students at Bradley University for the case study they completed.   We hope to make several more improvements in 2020 as a result from that case study.

In the end we are very thankful for the opportunities that 2019 has brought to us and look forward to see what new things to come in 2020.

Bath & Body Works

The Bath & Body Works Purchase Before A First Date

In writing the last blog I was reminded by the time I had a first date coming up and in preparation for it I took myself to Bath & Body Works for a new scent to wear. At that time Tutti Doci Line had just come out. I remember smelling each one and deciding on the Chocolate Fondue scent. I purchased the entire set and went home happy.   
When the big night came I took a shower with my new Chocolate Fondue shower gel, layered that with the matching lotion after the shower, and finally sprayed my clothes with the Chocolate Fondue perfume. I then went out on my date.

I was very excited to have been asked out it had been awhile since anyone had shown any interest and I really liked the guy. Imagine going for drinks after dinner and having a guy you liked say I keep smelling chocolate bars. Why do I keep smelling chocolate bars? For some girls I suppose this might not be so embarrassing but to a 22 year old plus sized girl it was the worst thing in the world. I could not tell him he was smelling me instead I told him I had no clue. 

To this day I can’t understand why I didn’t think of that before I bought the Bath & Body Works Chocolate Fondue set. I do know the very next day the whole set was promptly returned to the store and exchanged for the Cucumber Melon set. Oddly enough I wore Cucumber Melon faithfully for several months and the very same guy once told me found me a crowded bar after being separated because he smelled me. I wore some much Bath & Body Works that he used it has a way to locate me.