Bath & Body Works

That One Must Have Bath & Body Works Item

There seems to be that one item line in a store that everyone must have. In Bath and Body Works that one item line is pocketbacs. Why you ask? Pocketbacs are that one item for the following reasons. 

1. They are portable

2. They come in all your favorite scents

3. They are antibacterial

4. Everyone can afford one

These are just really my top four reasons. Im sure everyone could come up with a million more reasons to why pocketbacs are a must have.

I can’t tell you how many times I have noticed woman around me in different stores with a pocketbac and holder hanging out of their purses. They are small and can be carried in your purse or pocket without weighing you down. They come in all your favorite Bath & Body Works scents plus more. They fend off germs with the antibacterial properties. They are definitely one of the lowest priced items in the store which means pretty much everyone can afford one. 

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Victoria Secret

How Does Victoria Secret Choose What Coupons To Send?

Today when I arrived home from work I checked the mailbox. Imagine the thrill I got to see Victoria Secret had sent me some coupons. As I’m sure everyone knows I shop often in the Victoria Secret beauty section. Due to me being plus sized I have never shopped in the intimate section of Victoria Secret. Every time I make a purchase at Victoria Secret I’m asked for my phone number and email for coupons. I of course give the information immediately. I have always been told by the sales associates that in order to receive coupons I need to give that information. I have also been told that the more I give that information the better coupons I will receive. 

Don’t you think that since Victoria Secret is keeping track of my information for coupons they could also be keeping track of what I have been purchasing? Therefore they should know that I have never purchased a pair of panty’s or bras. Yet every time I get coupons I get a free pair of panty’s and some sort of discount on bras. Normally I give these coupons to a friend who greatly appreciates them but still it’s a huge disappointment for me when I open the card. Many times there is also a 20% off a single item purchase. I’m also very perplexed with this as well. Why only on one item? Why not 20% off your total purchase? Seems like an inadequate discount on items that are pretty costly to start with. 

What would I like to see the next time Victoria Secret sends a coupon flyer to my mailbox? I would like to see the free panty coupon replaced with a free fragrance body mist. Also instead of getting a 20% off an item coupon. I would like to see a 20% off your entire purchase at the very least. Last but not least I would like to see a discount on a perfume instead of on a bra. If I received this coupon flyer I wouldn’t be able to wait to get to the store. 

Bath Bomb

What Does A Monkey Fart Smell Like?

What exactly does a monkey fart smell like and why would anyone want to bath in it? That is very much the most asked question I have gotten since the monkey fart bath bomb was posted on Simple Treasures For Sale.
I know you are expecting to read a disgusting description, but this unique complex fragrance is anything but disgusting! This unique fragrance begins with top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note. The funky name really doesn’t do the scent justice.

Along with the cool funky scent and color there are several great benefits to using bath bombs.

1. They soften the water which makes your bath feel silky smooth.

2. Essential oils (if added to the bombs) have certain properties that help with ailments such as aching muscles, insomnia and fatigue.

3.They moisturize the skin.

4. They help reduce puffiness and water retention in our bodies

5. They aid in removing toxins from our bodies and skin.

6. Once dissolved, they help your soap to lather more efficiently because the Bath Bombs act like liquid soldiers!

7. A Bath Bomb prevents the skin from ‘pruning’ so quickly so you can enjoy your soak in the bath for longer

The moral to my story is you can’t judge a bath bomb by name alone

Yankee Candle

Shipping to the United Kingdom 

While growing my new website I started by creating social media accounts like Instagram (simpletreasuresforsale) and Twitter (SimpleTreas4482). I immediately found that the more I added to Instagram the more I was being asked if I shipped to the United Kingdom. After this being asked several times I decided to look into shipping to the United Kingdom. I contacted FedEx and was told my products couldn’t be shipped internationally through FedEx because they wouldn’t ship liquids. I contacted UPS and was quoted over $100 to ship an order of $30 which wasn’t practical. I then looked at U.S.P.S and found out that the rates were high but not totally out of the question. I decided that I would offer the service but I would charge what it was costing me to ship internationally.   
Once the service was offered I immediately got a sale from Instagram. I immediately packaged everything up and sent the order off. I tracked it carefully and watched it go from place to place. Finally almost 2 weeks later the package said delivered. I instantly felt proud of myself because it made it with no issues. Little did I know the customer is charged custom fees which must be paid before the package is delivered.  I of course got an angry email informing me of the fees. I felt that I had done something wrong and refunded the fees back to the customer before I had researched it carefully. I later found out that the custom fees are normal on international shipments and the customer should have expected the fees. Since this experience I have found ways to mark the package that help lessen the custom fees which I now practice.

Since sending that first package I have sent several more packages overseas. Let me tell you it has been one bumpy ride. I have had several complaints on the shipping costs. Some get extremely insulting when they complain. I’m trying to learn to let the insults roll off my back but it’s not easy. I have also had some packages get held up in customs for days which is completely out of my control which doesn’t seem to matter. Again people get insulting and harassing because they want their package. One package sat so long that no one seemed to know where the package was. I ended up refunding the customer and a day later the package was delivered. I of course lost money on that shipment not to mention the hurt feelings that went along with it.

I must say that some of my experiences have made me wonder if it was worth it to ship internationally. Then out of the blue you get a customer that has received their products and loves everything. Those are the experiences that make it worth all of the bad ones.

Yankee Candle

Most Surprising Yankee Candle Scent

Out of all the Yankee Candle Scents I have tried I must say I am most surprised by the new Sicilian Lemon scent. I’m not much on the lemon scents but there is just something about the Sicilian Lemon I love.   

The fragrance notes are as follows: 

Top: Lemon Zest 

Mid: Tart Lemon

Base: Vanilla, Sugar

Top note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the main body of the scent and base is its final impression. 

Perhaps since the base is the final impression is what I like the most about it. I love all the vanilla scents. I really didn’t expect to like the scent but ordered it because it was new and I try all scents at least once. It came and I was like whoa what was that? No heavy citrus scent at all. I ran to the store and bought it in votives, room spray, and car jar. I suggest if you haven’t you give it a try.  

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Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret

What I did with my love for Bath & Body Works & Victoria Secret!

Like many others I have a great love for the fragrance products from Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secret. I find each store very intoxicating. I love everything from the variety of scents to the pretty packaging. I could roam each store for hours smelling each bottle and very carefully selecting a new scent.   
Anyone who knows me know that not only do I love all of the “smell good” items I also love to get a good deal. Over the many years I have been a Bath & Body Works customer they have always provided multiple coupons. I have been known to wonder the store for hours trying to figure the best way to maximize a coupon. Today I have taken my love for the products and combined that love for getting a good deal into Simple Treasures For Sale

Simple Treasures For Sale features many of the fragrance and beauty products you already love at an affordable price and makes shopping convenient for you. Brands like Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret, and Yankee Candle are often featured on the site. We offer a wide variety of makeup, nail, bath and body, skin care, and other special products. This site features original brand name products. You won’t find any knockoff brands at Simple Treasures.


Simple Treasures For Sale was originally started with a good closet cleaning. In a bag in the closet were several fragrance items that were purchased and then found that the scent didn’t fit well with body chemistry. Not wanting to throw those away it was discovered that many individuals shared the loved of fragrance and beauty products. Some individuals requested the scent they loved. Most individuals were busy and just didn’t have the opportunity to shop for such items. Simple Treasures For Sale has made shopping easy and convenient for the person who doesn’t have time to shop themselves ever since.

Victoria Secret

Discovering Victoria Secret Beauty

As a plus sized woman I never really paid much attention to Victoria Secret before 4 years ago. As far as I knew Victoria Secret had nothing but underwear that would never fit me. Imagine my surprise when I was doing my normal sprint through the mall in my lunch break from work to Bath & Body Works for the Semi-Annual Sale and lay my eyes on a whole table of Victoria Secret Beauty items. I immediately stopped and selected a few trial sized items. I then how to venture into the store to pay for my selections. I then discovered there were two sides of the store, an underwear side and a beauty side. I remember leaving thinking all this time I have been missing this. 
Of course I fell in love with my trial sized items and went back the next day to shop for more. I loved everything from the fragrances to the makeup items. I was very disappointed when they discontinued most of the makeup items. I felt that I hadn’t had time to enjoy all of the different kinds of makeup that were offered. I found that I loved the liquid eye liner which I hoard today. Today the have limited their makeup offers to lip gloss and makeup accessories.

I love the many different fragrance items in the store. Perhaps it has come with age but I didn’t have the same compulsion to purchase all the fragrances the store offered like I did when I first started shopping at Bath & Body Works. I have been more selective with my fragrance purchases from Victoria Secret. My personal favorite has been Heavenly. I love the softness of the scent. Personally I prefer to match my perfume with my shower gel. I must say I was upset when Victoria Secret decided to stop making the shower gels.

In short if I hadn’t stubble upon the semi annual sale I would have never entered the store. I had dismissed it as a place where a plus sized woman didn’t belong. I most definitely learned a lesson that day. However I learned a lesson I must say I still feel intimidated going into the stores that don’t have a separate beauty side of the stores. I especially feel odd when going into the stores that have the beauty section in the back of the store. Sometimes I feel that people are staring at me when walking into the store.

With all my insecurities concerning shopping in the store I still enjoy going into Victoria Secret. A very fond memory is the day I met my closest friend. I was there and saw a woman I knew from work. We weren’t classified as friends just two people who worked at the same place. I normally avoid people I recognize while shopping because I’m a loaner basically. For some reason at that moment I approached this woman in Victoria Secret and said hello. This was extremely odd for me especially to approach someone you barely knew while they were selecting their underwear. I guess that broke the ice for us because we became fast friends and haven’t separated since