Bath & Body Works

Mother’s Day is Coming! Need Last Minute Ideas?

Mother’s Day is Sunday. Don’t panic! You still have some time to get it together.

With Mother’s Day literally around the corner, all of our favorite beauty brands have launched collections made especially for her. Bath and Body Works, has launched a collection you can treat your mom to this Mother’s Day. Yes you have missed the date where we could ship a package to you in time for Mother’s Day. However mother will understand if your late with a gift. Just make sure you spend time with her, make her feel special, and let her know something is coming.

Bath & Body Works may have been a staple of our youth, but it remains popular as ever, thanks to its lovely, timeless products. Who can resist some Bath and Body Works products while shopping? Not us. And the new Bath and Body Works collection is proof positive of that.

The new line features classic standbys like fragrance mists and body scrubs as well as beautiful gift sets and home pieces. You’ll definitely be able to find something for your mom. A little pampering never goes amiss when it comes to our hardworking mothers. Plus you can get all of it from Simple Treasures For Sale at a discounted price as a bonus.

Mother doesn’t care for Bath & Body Works? That’s ok we have Victoria Secret Beauty Products, Cosmetics, and Nail Polish too.


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