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How Does Victoria Secret Choose What Coupons To Send?

Today when I arrived home from work I checked the mailbox. Imagine the thrill I got to see Victoria Secret had sent me some coupons. As I’m sure everyone knows I shop often in the Victoria Secret beauty section. Due to me being plus sized I have never shopped in the intimate section of Victoria Secret. Every time I make a purchase at Victoria Secret I’m asked for my phone number and email for coupons. I of course give the information immediately. I have always been told by the sales associates that in order to receive coupons I need to give that information. I have also been told that the more I give that information the better coupons I will receive. 

Don’t you think that since Victoria Secret is keeping track of my information for coupons they could also be keeping track of what I have been purchasing? Therefore they should know that I have never purchased a pair of panty’s or bras. Yet every time I get coupons I get a free pair of panty’s and some sort of discount on bras. Normally I give these coupons to a friend who greatly appreciates them but still it’s a huge disappointment for me when I open the card. Many times there is also a 20% off a single item purchase. I’m also very perplexed with this as well. Why only on one item? Why not 20% off your total purchase? Seems like an inadequate discount on items that are pretty costly to start with. 

What would I like to see the next time Victoria Secret sends a coupon flyer to my mailbox? I would like to see the free panty coupon replaced with a free fragrance body mist. Also instead of getting a 20% off an item coupon. I would like to see a 20% off your entire purchase at the very least. Last but not least I would like to see a discount on a perfume instead of on a bra. If I received this coupon flyer I wouldn’t be able to wait to get to the store. 


1 thought on “How Does Victoria Secret Choose What Coupons To Send?”

  1. I completely agree! I am in the same situation. I think the reason is that VS already has phenomenal money coming in on the items that you and I buy. The prices and sizes of the intimates make them harder to sell to the consumer so they have to push these coupons. I’m also pretty sure we are just put on a mailing list with our info. They do not pay attention to what we buy individually, (obviously). Just what the company does as a whole. They try to make us feel important but not really…
    I really enjoyed your article!😊


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